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Celebrating the savoury snacks industry in the UK

Issued 07 September 2023

It is our privilege to introduce the latest update of our brochure ‘Celebrating the savoury snacks industry in the UK’. 

The figures and info graphics that we present describe the valuable contribution of the savoury snacks industry to the UK economy, and also present many key facts about our category’s contribution to dietary intakes and health.

Please contact the secretariat for further details.

The full brochure can be viewed here

Championing the GB potato crop

Issued 09 December 2022

PPA is actively supporting the establishment of the new GB Potatoes Organisation Ltd, to represent all parts of the UK supply chain from seed producers to growers, to pack houses and processors.

Membership sign-up is gathering pace, but we need more. Please register today if you care about the future of our sector:

These early months are about establishing the organisation and putting the appropriate structure in place. GB Potatoes current focus is to…

DEFEND: stand ready to defend the reputation of the industry when required, in a way that no other existing body can.

ENABLE: provide the platform for members to work in partnership on projects of mutual interest.

COMMUNICATE: provide forums for growers and others to share knowledge and best practice.

KNOW: be aware of cross industry R&D activity, current and historic, to reduce duplication and bring together mutual interest groups.

SPEAK: be the single point of industry contact for government, regulators & the media

Establishing our Governing Board

GB Potatoes is actively looking for nominations from the industry to be considered for the important roles on the Governing Board. Are YOU that person? If so put yourself forward

 It’s easy to get in touch Visit our website:

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